RGB Camera and Tracking

This program will track a user and take their outline and paste it onto any background you want.  The setup method includes where you need to add the name of the picture you want to use as the background.  This picture needs to be stored in the same parent folder as the program itself.

import SimpleOpenNI.*;
// create kinect object
SimpleOpenNI  kinect;

// boolean if kinect is tracking
boolean tracking = false;

// current userid of tracked user
int userID;

// mapping of users
int[] userMapping;

// background image
PImage backgroundImage;

// image from rgb camera
PImage rgbImage;
Setup method. Enables kinect and draw window
void setup() {
  // start new kinect object
  kinect = new SimpleOpenNI(this);

  //enable depth camera

  // enable color camera

  // enable tracking
  // turn on depth-color alignment
  // load the background image
  backgroundImage = loadImage("wef.png");

  // create window width/height of rgb camera
Draw method.
void draw() {
  // display the background image first at (0,0)
  image(backgroundImage, 0, 0);

  //update kinect image
  // get the Kinect color image
  rgbImage = kinect.rgbImage();

  // prepare the color pixels

  // get pixels for the user tracked
  userMapping = kinect.userMap();
  // for the length of the pixels tracked, color them
  // in with the rgb camera
  for (int i =0; i < userMapping.length; i++) {

    // if the pixel is part of the user
    if (userMapping[i] != 0) {
      // set the sketch pixel to the rgb camera pixel
      pixels[i] = rgbImage.pixels[i];

  // update any changed pixels
When a new user is found, print new user detected along with
userID and start pose detection.  Input is userID
void onNewUser(SimpleOpenNI curContext, int userId){
  println("New User Detected - userId: " + userId);
  // start tracking of user id
Print when user is lost. Input is int userId of user lost
void onLostUser(SimpleOpenNI curContext, int userId){
  // print user lost and user id
  println("User Lost - userId: " + userId);

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